Sweet Peet & Soilution 100% Organic

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Sweet Peet® Mulch

Bombaci Mulch is proud to be an authorized retailer of Sweet Peet® Mulch. It is a stunning Looking Mulch, a composted agricultural manure that conditions your soil and transforms itself into Humus. It has been featured on Martha Stewart Living; one of the most prestigious Home and Garden shows in the country.
Sweet Peet® is the premium mulch for all types of gardens. This mulch helps to maintain optimal pH levels in the soil by balancing alkaline and acid levels. The Sweet Peet® is put through a unique thermal stage where weed seeds and weeds are removed, thus keeping your garden free from unwanted contamination.
Once Sweet Peet® is tilled into the garden, the soil is enriched, and beneficial microbes and earthworms, which are often depleted by acid rain and chemicals, are replenished.
Sweet Peet® also keeps weeds at bay by smothering the soil, but goes a step further. This product optimizes the cat-ion exchange that naturally occurs, which makes for undesirable growing conditions for weeds.

View The Martha Stewart Living Video:
To Learn More About Sweet Peet®, Please Click This Link:  http://sweetpeet.com
Soilution® with Biochar
Bombaci Mulch continues to offer only the best products for your yard and gardens, with a new organic soil enhancer from the inventors of Sweet Peet® Mulch: Soilution® with Biochar. Soilution® works by encouraging health and vigor in all plants and soils.  With the specialized form of Biochar, a unique type of carbon formulated for the Earth, nutrients and moisture are better managed, and pH levels are balanced. 
Soilution® is created from the best organic compost that is harvested from forests, oceans, and farms, along with:
  • Biochar Carbon
  • Worm Casting
  • Sphagnum Peat
  • Pro-biotic (MycoApply)
  • Ecto & Endo
  • Mychorrhizae
  • Kelp
  • Blood Meal
  • Aged Bark Fines
  • Dolomitic Lime
To Learn More About Soilution® with Biochar, Please Click This Link:  http://sweetpeet.com/?page_id=3704
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